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Full name: Saeid Haji Hadi
You can say: Hadi
Saeid Haji-Hadi (Hadi)
Hadi, a native of Iran, always dreamed of traveling and interacting with other cultures. He started his career as an air traffic controller, including three years of education in the United States. After 20 years, Hadi completed a tour guide course, and traded in his sky-watching days for tour guiding in his home country. Now, after 23 years in tourism, Hadi has led over 285 tours for Western groups, and has held the position of Chairman of the Iranian Tour Guide Association (ITGA) for six years. Aside from leading tours, he spends considerable time exploring the nooks and crannies of Iran and other parts of the world. Hadi has returned to the US on many occasions, and leads tours in incredibly diverse destinations in Africa, Europe, and the Far East. Hadi keeps up his passion for the skies by collecting war-bird planes, building and flying RC model aircraft, and seeking out aviation museums abroad. A diligent student of cultures and of life, Hadi is a warm and incredibly knowledgeable resource, the perfect person to impart understanding of Iranian culture on this cultural odyssey.
Full name: Cyrus Rasouli Baghban
You can say: Cyrus
Cyrus Rasouli Baghban
Cyrus is also a native of Iran and earned a Master of History as well as a Bachelor of Sociology and English.  He has participated in the tourism industry for over 23 years, leading both trips in Iran and in other countries.  He has accompanied over 200 different groups since 1992.  Before making his way to the tourism industry, Cyrus was a freelance merchant; translated several books as well as different sociological and philosophical articles; worked in the municipality of Tehran and did foreign sales for a Pars factory.  Cyrus also worked at the IRNA news agency for more than 5 years and was active in foreign journalism. He has been a member of the Iranian Tour Guide Association board of directors and has taught tour management courses for this organization.
He has traveled to many countries throughout the world including China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Syria, Dubai, Turkey, USA, Russia, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, India and Afghanistan.  He “enthusiastically believes in interaction of civilization” and loves nature, traveling and cultural studies.